How to reduce belly fat ?

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  1. Belly Fat is the most stubborn of fat in the body. It may take a little more effort to loose belly fat, but it is very important to get rid of it.

    Fat is actually a combination of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen in our body. When burned, it goes out of our body as CO2(exhale) and H2O(sweat). To burn fat, one needs to move (exercise) or go on balanced dieting.

    Why is it important to burn belly fat? Following are the danger of Belly Fat:
    – Increased risk of Heart diseases
    – Diabetes
    – Sleep Disorders
    – Aches & Pains
    – Cancer

    How to know excessive Belly fat?
    Men Waist size (kamar ka naap) more than 40 inches
    Women Waist size (kamar ka naap) more than 35 inches

    How to loose Belly Fat?
    There are two aspects to loosing belly fat, I will try to describe them in order of their priority.
    1. Diet
    – “what you eat is what you become”
    – at the end of the day it depends on how many calories you intake and how many calories you burn.
    – Try to avoid sugar as much as possible. (max. 9 teaspoon per day for men, max. 6 teaspoons per day for women), just to keep perspective – 1 ball of gulab jamun consists of 4 teaspoons of sugar
    – Identify sources of additional sugar – coke, Salad dressing, Juice, etc.
    – Try to eat low carb diet, at the same time keep protein intake at good level
    – Drink lot of Water

    2. Exercising
    – Focus on complete body fitness at first, start with good cardio exercises. Walking, running, taking stairs instead of elevator, skipping rope.
    – once you find your cardio rhythm, start with exercises focusing on belly fat – crunches, planks.
    – Important thing is to follow up your exercising efforts with good Diet.

    Loosing fat is not an overnight activity. It takes time to loose fat. Make sure that one doesn’t loose more than 1KG in a week to keep healthy rate of loosing fat.

    Fat loss inspiration from Bhumi Pednekar (Actress – “Toilet Ek Prem Katha”)


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