What is Ball tampering?

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  1. Ball Tampering in Cricket

    Tamper means – “to cause damage or make unauthorised changes

    Hence, Ball tampering means changing or damaging the ball illegally. Ball tampering is illegal and when identified it can bring sanctions, fines or ban to the fielders causing it. Ball tampering is done by fielders to gain unfair advantages in swinging or spinning the ball.

    Ball tampering is often done by the bowling side. Umpires are responsible to regularly monitor the condition of the ball.

    Ball Tampering by fielders
    If a fielder is found to tamper the ball, then umpires can award 5 additional runs to the batting side. If the batsmen wish to change the tampered ball, then it is upto umpires to replace the ball with a new ball (which matches run of play)

    Ball Tampering by Bowler
    If a bowler is found to tamper the ball, then umpires can prohibit the bowler from bowling for the rest of the innings. If the captain is found to support bowlers conduct then even the captain can be penalised.

    Famous Ball Tampering events:

    SandPaper Gate – March 2018 Australian ball-tampering scandal
    Cameron Bancroft rubbed the ball with sandpaper to alter its condition. It was found later that Steven Smith and David Warner support this conduct. Smith and Warner were banned for 12 months from cricket following the test match, while Bancroft was banned for 9 months.

    Waqar Younis – 2000
    Waqar Younis was the first player to be suspended following the ball tampering after the match in 2000

    Sachin Tendulkar – 2001
    Allegations were made against Sachin to have tampered the ball in 2001, when India toured South Africa. Sachin claimed he was just removing
    grass from the surface of the ball. Television replays were inconclusive in this matter. The match was latter revoked from its status of Test match.

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