What is Boxing Day Test Cricket? What is the meaning of Boxing Day?

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  1. Boxing Day Meaning
    Boxing day is the first day after Christmas. It is on 26 December and is a public holiday. It originated in the United Kingdom.

    It got it’s name from the tradition of Christmas Box. Usually on the first day after Christmas, the post-men, errand-boys, garbage collectors and servants would receive Christmas Box of money, presents or pleasantaries as thanks for their good service.

    In some countries, the servants would knock on the doors to collect Christmas Box. This tradition of Christmas Boxes on the day after Christmas laid to this day being called as “Boxing Day”.

    Boxing Day Cricket Test Match
    The Boxing Day Test Match is held in Melbourne, Australia starting on 26 December. The match is between Australia and the team which tours Australia in this season. Even though there were rare test matches played on Boxing day earlier, it was in 1980 that MCG and Australian Cricket team decided to host Boxing day Matches every year.

    There was only once when an ODI was played on a Boxing day. It was held between Australia and Sri Lanka in 1989. Australia won by 30 runs. All other Boxing day matches have been Test Matches.

    Boxing Day Test Match has a special significance, because of the holiday and festive season as well as huge attention, expectation and attendance it gets.

    India has never won the Boxing Day test Match, although in 1985 & 2014 India managed to secure a draw.

    Few of the popular Boxing Day Cricket Test matches with India:
    2014 Aus vs Ind – Draw
    2011 Aus vs Ind – Aus won by 122 runs
    2007 Aus vs Ind – Aus won by 337 runs
    2003 Aus vs Ind – Aus won by 9 wickets
    1999 Aus vs Ind – Aus won by 180 runs
    1991 Aus vs Ind – Aus won by 8 wickets
    1985 Aus vs Ind – Draw

    2018 Aus vs Ind – to be played

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