Which is a better movie – Simmba, Zero or KGF?

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  1. Simmba vs Zero vs KGF

    All three movies are running in theaters at the moment, it is a difficult choice for the viewers to select which one to watch. It is difficult choice because each one of them has amazing starcast and belong to different genres – while Simmba is an action movie, Zero is a Drama/Fantasy movie and KGF is a Thriller.

    I compare these movies on their starcast’s acting, screenplay, story, music and direction.

    Acting-wise all actors have put in their best performances. Be assured that Shahrukh, Ranveer, Yash, Sonu sood, Anushka, Sara and Katrina gave their best performances. But it is the nature of their roles, which could be a differentiating factor. SRK played a vertically challenged person convincingly, also Anushka was also very good in her role. Yash too was excellent in his role in KGF. Ranveer delivered a Dabanngg styled performance.

    Screenplay, Direction & Story review:
    This is a major aspect, which differentiates all these three movies. KGF excels in this aspect. The story and screenplay are at their best for KGF and makes it a great watch. KGF is originnaly made in Kannada language and has been translated to other languages (just like Bahubali 1&2). Zero’s story and screenplay are something which it struggles with.  Simmba, being a remake of south-indian movie Temper, keeps it gripping.

    Music review:
    Zero has a great music with “Jab tak jahan mein” being the best. Simmba too has good songs with “Aankh mare” being the best.  KGF background music is already among the trending videos on youtube.

    IMDB: 6.2/10 (14000 votes)
    Times of India: 3/5
    Hindustan Times: 3.5/5

    IMDB : 9.1/10 (11000 votes)
    Times of India: 3.5/5
    Hindustan Times: 3/5

    IMDB : 4.2/10 (4500 votes)
    Times of India: 3.5/5
    Hindustan Times: 3/5

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